Things that make you happy

While browsing online, I found an image that really struck me.  It said “Make a list of things that make you happy.  Make a list of things that you do every day.  Compare the lists.  Adjust accordingly.”  This fits in with my blog post of last week.

How many of us don’t make time for the things that make us happy?  Of course, we all have to do things every day that maybe we don’t want to… but in between, are we really doing all we can to maximise our happiness?  Do we perhaps make excuses instead?  Or perhaps we aren’t recognising those happy events for what they are?

“Positive Psychology” teaches us that, in general, the number of positive events in our daily lives is more than the number of negative events.  However, positive events and emotions tend to be much more subtle and easy to miss – negative events have a greater impact and it is easy to fall into the trap of focussing only on those.

So, what makes you happy?  Is it on both of your lists?  Can you find the time and energy to include happy events in your daily life… and notice them?