Book: “3,096 Days” by Natascha Kampusch

This is another book I borrowed from the library.  It made inspiring but frightening reading.

I am glad that Natascha Kampusch felt able to tell her story, and I hope she found the process helpful.  I learned a lot from this book about her own experience not only of being abducted and held, but also her thought processes and behaviours which enabled her to survive her ordeal.  That is the message in the book that seemed most important to me – that Ms Kampusch has the best insight into how she survived and what the effects have been, and how she feels that other people diagnosing her with “Stockholm Syndrome” are viewing her experiences from their point of view rather than hers.

I think this is really important – the autonomy she feels is being denied her when people describe her response to abnormal and traumatic events by giving her a diagnosis which she believes is not correct, and their dismissal of and refusal to listen to her when she says so.

This is an excellent interview in which she explains her view.

I do recommend this book, although I would warn that the descriptions of the violence and abuse she experienced can be harrowing.