Goals and “To Do” lists

Last week’s blog post (New Year’s Resolutions and SMART goals) proved quite popular, so this post is a slight extension of that.  Goals and To Do lists are closely linked, and can be a source of satisfaction or strife!

Goals and to do lists
Image courtesy of Stuart Miles at FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Someone suggested that adding a goal to your list that you know you will definitely complete can be a great motivational tool.  I agree!  No matter how small the item, putting a tick beside it can be very satisfying – and if it is something you enjoyed doing, double win!  She suggested adding “drink a can of coke” to hers, as that is something she enjoys and knows she will do that week.  What might yours be?

As I have said before, self care is important – just as important as other must-do tasks.

However, To Do lists can cause problems.

  • Are there too many items on your list, so you feel overwhelmed?  Try adding a note of how long each task will take you – you may find you have 23 tasks, but they only add up to about 2 hours’ work?
  • Are you taking on too many tasks?  If so, it might be worth looking at why – do you find it difficult to delegate?
  • Do you have trouble getting started when confronted with a list?  Perhaps you know you don’t have time to do everything.  You might like to try arranging them differently – for example, in order of priority.

There are a number of apps and systems available online to help organise tasks, and plenty of discussion about how to make things better.  A pen and pad by the side of the bed might give you a chance to relax if you know something is written down, so you don’t have to hold it in your mind while trying to get to sleep.  A pretty set of stationery or a convenient app (especially for recurring tasks) might make things easier – choose what works for you!

Good luck!


If you feel overwhelmed, anxious or just don’t know where to start to make things better, I am here to help.  Please contact me.