Following on from this post, today’s post will look at the emotion that positive psychology identifies as serenity.

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Serenity is the inner peace of a cloudless day, the feeling of knowing you have nothing you must do, the sensation of relaxing mind and body totally.

Serenity can be hard to find – we experience almost constant noise, rushing around, things to do and demands placed upon us.  However, serenity can be found in small moments and seeking it out can be a big contribution to wellbeing.  The good news is, you don’t have to wait until your holidays – you can find it today!

Some people find it in a discipline such as pilates or yoga, some like to head to the countryside to refresh themselves (remember, recreation can mean re-creation!).  Even taking a few moments to sit in the quiet with a warm drink and letting your mind wander can help you achieve serenity.  There are videos and pictures online, and a wide variety of apps that can help induce relaxation if you struggle.

Think about serenity if you put together a comfort box – what might help you to quiet your mind and spirit?  An image, perhaps?  Or a mug of hot chocolate?  Maybe an aromatherapy scent?

Is something holding you back from seeking serenity?Consider that you must fill your own cup before you can fill your own, and that self-care is a vital aspect of wellbeing.  There can be negative connotations to “selfish”, but care of the self can lead to stronger and better relationships with others.  If you can’t “find” the time, can you “make” the time?  Do you feel able to prioritise looking after yourself?

Do you feel you have too much to do, or that your mind whirls too much?  If you feel overwhelmed by thoughts and feelings and would like to make an appointment to work through them, please contact me.