Giving up body hate

Breaking free of body hate
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I recently read this article about giving up body hate, and it really got me thinking.



We are exposed to adverts every day – newspapers, magazines, television, radio, cinemas, bus shelters, vehicles – which try to sell us things based on perceived “flaws” in our bodies.  It’s really hard not to be affected by this!

I don’t think we are encouraged to love our bodies enough – especially when they don’t look like the bodies of the people we see in the media.  Thanks to Photoshopping, it’s easy to forget that those bodies don’t look like that in real life, either!

How much time per day do you spend criticising your body?  How many times a day do you deflect compliments?  How often do you see your body as an enemy, and treat it like one?

How much time, energy and pain would you save if you could stop doing those things?

It’s not an immediately easy thing to do – can you find or create a good support network to help you?  A group of people with a common goal could be very successful!

What if you stopped waiting to reach your ‘goal weight’ and bought some clothes that fit and feel good now?  What if you stopped being held back by fear of other people’s judgments and tried an activity you have always wanted to try?  What if you treated your body as a friend – one who needs care, food, water, rest and compassion – instead of an enemy?  What if you stopped deflecting compliments and started accepting them?  What if you accepted and believed good things about yourself?

If you would like to work through this issue in counselling, please feel free to contact me to discuss setting up an appointment.