Favourite blog post roundup

Image by Donald Tong via Pexels.

As we approach the end of the year, I’ve decided to look back on past blog posts.  I’ve written and published 88 posts since beginning my blog in May 2015, so a review is long overdue!

The purpose of my blogging is to share what I think are interesting (and hopefully useful!) ideas and information.  I’ve looked at various models of relationships, reviewed books, and given practical tips and guides.  My style has changed over the past 3 and a half years, but I hope people still enjoy and get use from what I’ve written.  So, here are some of my favourite posts!


What’s the difference between Resignation and Acceptance, and how can knowing this help you move forward?  With a follow-up post on Acceptance and how you might achieve it.

Are you feeling overwhelmed by your To Do list?  Have a look at The Tyranny of ‘To Do’s. If you’re having trouble saying no to taking on more, check out JADE-ing and saying no.

Or perhaps you are taking on responsibilities that really aren’t yours?  Work it out with the Circles of Influence and Concern exercise.

You might be stuck in a Drama Triangle (illustrated by Harry Potter!), and want to get into the Winner’s Triangle instead.

Can you change the past?  No.  But you can change the future.  You can tackle the Poisoned Parrot and its friend Imposter Syndrome while you’re at it!

Think you’re not creative?  You might be surprised!  With a follow-up, challenging you to pick up those paintbrushes (and other things).

After all that, do you need some instant comfort, or a mental wellbeing first aid kit?  Try making a Cuddle Basket or Comfort Box. You can also try some breathing exercises and giving up body hate.  Don’t forget my ten-part series on the positive emotions!


Here’s to many more blog posts!