Celebrations and milestones

Image courtesy of Stuart Miles at FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Celebrations of milestones are part of human experience the world over – from the changing of the year to more personal events.

Some people choose their milestones based on what is important in their culture or family.  These might be religious events, birthdays, wedding anniversaries etc.  People usually celebrate these in social groups.

Some people choose milestones based on very individual events – and might not mark them anywhere but in their mind.  For example, you might note one year to the day since stopping smoking.  You might not think it is a party-throwing event, but worth marking in some other way.

People with depression can feel that there isn’t anything worth celebrating.  That days go by one by one with nothing good happening.  Depression is insidious, and in a way ‘protects itself’ by giving you these messages.

When was the last time you celebrated something?  What are your milestones?  Where does your choice of milestones come from?  Are they right for you?  When was the last time you felt you had something worth celebrating?  What do you think is worth celebrating?  Do you play down events so as not to be seen to “make a fuss”?  Do other people’s opinions on milestones hold you back?

“Celebration” can be anything, not just a big party.  Buying a small reward or treat.  A mental “pat on the back”.  Setting aside time to be with someone special.

What would you like to do?